Our Story

We were Frustrated, Abruptly !!
When we started Gear Infinity, this is what our brain sounded like. 

We felt the limitations of the Indian educational system. It was deficit of practical knowledge and innovation. But instead of staying frustrated and complaining about the same, we planned to create a platform to eradicate this problem from the institutional structure of India. We aimed to become the source of practical knowledge for the student community of our country.

The initial plan was vague and stupid, which sounded perfect then, but we don't have any regrets about it because "what we are" is the result of "what we were". 

It was planned like this, that a few people will gather and share the science behind the things around us. So the plan was simple- one person one topic and ten minutes, so ten people ten topics and 100 minutes . In this way we were also  expunging social anxiety from these people and were imparting knowledge at the same time.

But we didn't found any future in this idea and felt that it was extremely disorganized, so we changed few things that made Gear Infinity more efficient and accurate for the audience. The latest plan was to dedicate one meetup for only one topic, and that too on a bleeding edge technology, with an expert who has his startup in that domain. Then from discussions, we moved toward micro-workshops, letting students to hold a tinch of practical knowledge.








Now we are a proud parents of an organization that reached immense heights in a matter of months. We attracted a lots of startups and made a rigid presence on social media for helping these startups to get good marketing on the social media.

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