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About Us for Subjicart

There are certain circumstances when you are unable to buy essentials from stores. Either you are too much occupied with your work or conditions like the prevailing lockdown prevents you from visiting stores physically. This is when subjicart.com comes to your rescue.

Subjicart.com is an online vegetable, fruits, and daily essentials store. We have combined technology and daily essentials at a reasonable price to provide your fruits and vegetable online market at your doorstep. Our store displays a wide range of fruits and vegetables making it a perfect online junction for ordering health, nourishment, and wellness with the bonus of taste and doorstep delivery. It can be your ultimate destination to order fruits and vegetables online.

Our vision is to provide you essentials at your doorstep as we live to our tagline that says, ‘delivering happiness’. At subjicart.com you can do online vegetables and fruits shopping from a plethora of vegetables, fruits, and other daily essentials available on the store.

What do we do?

Break that old school method of standing in grocery lines for hours and lifting heavy bags all the way to your home. With so much advancement in science and technology, you can get fresh products delivered at your doorstep in a few clicks on your mobile screens. You just need to pick up your phone, bump into our site and order the required products. We deliver a wide range of fresh products at the local market price. To make it absolutely hassle-free, we ensure same-day delivery without compromising with the quality.

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables online can be a challenge too but our user-friendly website allows you to assess every item with details about its weight and price. You can simply add fresh products to your virtual cart without any inconvenience.

Subjicart.com does nothing but saves your time and minimizes your load. We believe in going the extra mile to serve our customers and help them to buy fresh fruits and vegetables online. Currently, we are serving in Pune and planning to expand our footprints in NCR.

So, get rid of clinging to stores and waiting for your number in long queues. Order fresh fruits and vegetables now and get it delivered without any hassle.

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