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Breaking Down 5G: Humanity Walking Toward a Catastrophe

Are you feeling alone?

You're wrong if you think you are.

Don't worry I am not promoting any dating website, it's just that you're wrong if you think you're alone because even in the loneliest situations you are surrounded by air, humidity and RADIATION.

Yes, you've guessed it right, today we will be discussing the effects of radiation but rather more controversial radiation. Radiation caused by the Millimeter Waves diffused by the upcoming 5G NETWORK SERVICE. A majority of people over the world think about 5G as an incredible technological breakthrough. Let's break it down to know whether its a milestone or a disaster.

What is 5G Technology?

Consider your youngest sibling. He might be the naughtiest and the coolest kid in the family, who knows to operate iPad better than you, smarter than you while operating electronic gadgets. 5G somewhat resembles your sibling except that it is Evil instead Naughty.

Let's talk technically about 5G.

5G is the latest generation of cellular communication that will utilize a higher-frequency band of the wireless spectrum called millimetre-wave (MMW) that allows data to be transferred much more rapidly than the lower-frequency band dedicated to 4G.

What makes 5G more advanced?

  1. High data speeds

  2. Reduced Latency

  3. Energy Savings

  4. Cost Reduction

  5. Higher system capacity

  6. Massive Connectivity

So in general terms, you will get faster internet speeds, less Call drops and Battery consumption than the previous generation networks. Having a wider bandwidth than 4G, more devices can use 5G without causing overcrowding. 5G can support a million devices in one square kilometre whereas 4G can only do that for 4000 devices.

5G will open better paths for IoT devices, self-driving cars and will speed up data processing in industries. It will add to every technological breakthrough humanity has accomplished in this decade.

Watch this video for better understanding the key technologies involved behind the functionality of 5G. It's an incredible graphical illustration, you learn many things through it.

Till now 5G seems to be perfect, futuristic in all terms and better than 4G in every way. Now let us take you to the other side of the coin, the darker side of 5G.


Would you die for a million dollars?

I assume your answer is no because mine is.

That’s what 5G is, death for faster internet. Don’t worry I have done my research and every word I will convince you how fatal 5G is.

So there are two things to understand here, first, what makes 5G harmful and second, what are the harms that I am talking about.

Let’s discuss the first one.

What Makes 5G Harmful?

High-Frequency Radiation

That’s one obvious reason why 5G is harmful. 5G works on a higher frequency range, from 3GHz to 100GHz (whereas 4G works under 3GHz). Now the problem with high-frequency millimetre waves is that they can travel very short distances and because of that 5G will use 100 times more towers than 4G ever used.

There will be 5000 cell towers every square kilometre. That, by the way, is not a small number. You will be subjected to harmful radiation wherever you walk, whether you will use your phone or not.

Active Denial System used in crowd control uses the frequency of 95 GHz. The temperature of the environment subjected to the application of ADS can raise temperature up to 58 ℃ in a cold country like America. 5G will work near the same frequency, what do you think its prolonged exposure is going to do to a human body?

The Soviet Union once conducted experiments under 70GHz to genetically modify skin cells. Researchers and doctors use radiations between the range of 40GHz to 70GHz to alter the growth rate of body cells. What doctors do with these radiations is done in a controlled environment but 5G will be doing something that will not be in your control.

Not only humans, animals and plants will also get adversely affected by these radiations. The 5G Innovation Center in Chinatown Melbourne is Australia’s first step to be at the forefront of mobile technology. You will not find a single bird flying or sitting around or near to that building, I hope you can guess why birds hate that place!

High-Speed Internet Service

Yes, you read it right. The high data rates of 5G is a boon as well as a bane.

The rise of 5G will open doors for IoT devices (devices that can be controlled through the internet, something like smart refrigerators and AC you have heard about in recent times).

You will be able to control your water heater, your car, your house windows, your refrigerator, your television, your water purifier, your whole office, from lights to fans to your PC’s monitor, almost everything from anywhere in the world, thousands of kilometre away from these devices with the assistance of your smartphone or smart-watch.

Sounds Exciting, super cool, mind movingly futuristic? Doesn’t it?

Let me make it a little SCARY.

Now, these devices will be controlled by the internet, and we all know popular websites always get hacked in a few months even after having a highly technical team working to keep it safe. So it is possible that your self-driving car in Delhi gets hacked by someone in Pakistan.

Your car would be put to brakes, the doors will be locked and the airbags will be turned on to choke you till death.

Imagine something happening to a self-driving train or bus, where the lives of masses are at risk.

Click This to read about the most severe cyber attacks until now.

Crime would become more difficult to trace, and easier to plan and execute.

This is not something that I am saying out of my creativity, these are the words of Frank Abagnale at ‘Talks at Google’. He is a former FBI agent, many TV shows and movies have been made around his life.

Watch the whole video of ‘Talks at Google’ of Frank Abagnale.

Watch it on your own risk, it's a one hour of an extremely interesting storytelling session, that may make you forget your work on priority.

Till now you know almost everything about 5G, its harms and the benefits. Now give yourself a minute to think rationally whether these benefits of 5G worthy enough to suffer the banes. Personally I don’t, I believe the internet service we use today is too slow to suffice our needs. We should not be lusty enough to sacrifice our health and the health of animals and plants, to rise the the temperature of this planet and melt more icebergs.

I believe we need to take a pause for next 20 years avoiding any technical advancement that harms us or the environment.

-Harsh Singh

PS: I have taken reference from many blogs and YouTube videos, so I would like to include two videos that I found extremely informative for my blog.

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For SEO friendly finely written blogs and articles contact us. Boost your website ranking with Gear Infinity.