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Breaking into WhatsApp's new Privacy Policy controversy.

Have you ever worried about Privacy Policy before this?

Not once in our lives have we thought so much before tapping “agree” on an app's privacy policy as much as we did when WhatsApp presented us with this message. Sure, it did give us time till May to think about it, to consider it. And if you don't, you simply won't be able to use WhatsApp. But the question here is, is that all it took an ultimatum for us to think about whether or not we want to use an app and its services.

Here is why you might not be able to leave WhatsApp.

There are very few services in the world that have become synonymous with the work they are required for, to search something is Google, to edit a photo is Photoshop, to take out a photocopy is Xerox, to send an instant message is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is not just about texting, it's a cluster of a lot of other things like sharing media, photos and videos, you can share your live location. WhatsApp even let you open a YouTube video in its own picture and picture window. This makes it indispensable for users, WhatsApp recently has come under scrutiny for three main reasons.

First is because of sharing your data with its parent company Facebook to facilitate and improve its services.
Second, is the kind of data it collects from you.
Third is why is it only telling you about this?

Now, while it's a well documented fact that Facebook is trying to integrate all of its apps and services under one single umbrella, it just doesn't make sense that an instant messenger needs to collect that much data from you.

Busting Myth: WhatsApp is not actually reading your Chats.

Until 2012, Whatsapp didn't have end to end encryption. So all the texts on the instant messenger were sent in plain text. And it was only until 2016. That end to end encryption was properly enforced on the platform.

In 2019, a security vulnerability was discovered in which people could just make a call to you and plant a spyware on your smartphone whether you pick up that call or not.

Also in 2020, the Pegasus disaster happened which snooped on 1000s of high profile individuals around the world.

In 2020, it was discovered that your phone number is easily discoverable on Google. And in 2021, we found this message on our smartphones. Each time WhatsApp has received bad press, people have tried to change their habits, people have tried to move on to different platforms like signal and telegram, only to find out that there is something about these apps that's not very friendly to them. And so they resort back to WhatsApp.

What's Next?

So in the end it is understandable that WhatsApp’s new privacy policies are nothing but Facebook’s old tactics of making money by selling their user’s data, And it is up to us people whether we still want to use WhatsApp in exchange of our data or we move to other and more secure platforms and apps such as Signal and Telegram.

By: Gaurav SIngh Sirohi

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For SEO friendly finely written blogs and articles contact us. Boost your website ranking with Gear Infinity.

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