SPIDER-MAN, one of the most famous character in the Marvel universe. In this blog, we will see the creative possibility of spiderman and dive deeper in his abilities and how much of it is backed by science and really possible with today’s technology, let us find out.

Spiderman, a man that had got bitten by a radioactive spider, turns into a metahuman having arachnid abilities and his powers enhanced due to alteration in his genetic material(DNA). Now in real life, this is possible if a Retro-virus is injected by the spider which will get multiplied in every cell of our body and to modify a spider with the help of ionising radiations as in example of two-faced animals found in Chernobyl.

(This picture was taken from the tours to Chernobyl site)



A spider can lift an object 50 times heavier than its own body. So one can assume the same to be true for a human who has bitten by a radioactive spider. Considering that, Spiderman can actually lift 300kgs or more and can exert an incredible amount of force. This is achieved with the help of more proteins generated by a retrovirus which are actin and myosin that further help in increase in muscle contraction and hence in total strength.


Spiders have sensitive hairs called Trichobothria on their body which help them know any Brownian motion around them and thus spider man can have a sense of any danger around him with help of these tiny hairs on its body but for this spiderman must have hairs in direct contact with the surroundings to sense. Hence this power is possible only if major alterations are made in his suit or he works without any.


The web is made up of silk that can be considered stronger than steel and also with a very high tensile strength. A biotech application of silk is Bulletproof skin made by a Dutch entrepreneur. Thus silk can be used to make very strong webs to hold any object without piercing. Although the web shooter needs to be built instead of silk being come out of the wrist of spiderman.

Figure : Bulletproof skin


A spider is able to climb with the help of scopules i.e. hairs on its feet and with adhesives, called setae on their legs which help them climb vertical surfaces. Thus spiderman can be thought of climbing with the help of them.

FIGURE A: Ventral view of the contact surface of leg IV on a vertical surface.

FIGURE B: Lateral view of the contact surface of leg IV on an inclined surface of the glass.

Is Artificial Gene Mutation Possible?


In the future, one can think of being a superhuman like him with the help of genome editing and CRISPR-CAS9 Technology is an example with its own disadvantages.

Although such tests on humans are considered as illegal due to the many possible reasons and threats. You can still think of achieving an altered genome in humans happening one day and hence becoming a mutated spiderman or tigerboy. Who knows? BY

By: Naman Gogia


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