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What I learned from Endgame | Why it is one of the best Superhero Movie?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

First of all, the endgame was a visual feast, the graphics were mind-boggling and the storyline was one of the finest after 'The Dark Knight' for a superhero movie. This movie taught us infinite things and it is awesome for the same number of reasons but here we have summarized 5 things that we learned from it.

#1 Team Work

Almost all the Avengers movies taught us the same thing, but this time it was different, this time it was about bringing back the shattered one's. For Ant-man and Captain America, It was about convincing others in the team, including Hulk, Thor and our favourite Iron Man.

For Ironman and Hulk, it was about trusting the ideas of Ant-man after losing so much.

So, yes it was an incredible example of teamwork, especially the mission of Cap, Scott Lang and Ironman.

#2 Sacrifice

Both, the infinity war and the endgame took the lives of people, but here I am talking about sacrifices made in the movies for the soul stone. First Gamora, who was thrown by his father Thanos even when he loved her so much and then in the Endgame it was Black Widow who willingly jumped off the cliff for the soul stone.

#3 It's not always about Family

Gamora and Nebula, even being the daughter of the almighty Thanos, beseeched him, knowing that what Thanos is doing is unjust and it needs to be stopped. That was literally a huge and brave step, to go against your own father, to move with an intention to kill the person who raised you. Same applies to the real world, your parents might not want you to take risks, to do something great, still to be great you will have to against them.

#4 Small things, Big Impact

You might be aware of that junkyard scene where Scott Lang's van was rotting. It was a mouse who made the comeback of Ant-Man possible. Without him, the whole time travel thing would not have been possible. Same applies to the real, you never know what a small step can do to your life.

#5 Whatever it takes

The biggest and most important thing I learned from this movie, it is also the greatest reason I loved this movie. This movie showed me that being a superhero is not just about having superpowers, not everyone with superpowers can be a superhero. Big responsibilities break you the most. Everyone in the Endgame lost almost everything they had. The team lost Black widow, Ironman and, to an extent, Captain America. I realized it the most in the scene when Thor knew her mother is going to die, and he became emotional. Imagine being Thor, or leave it, you can't. This movie was a clear depiction of the hardships of true superhero. It was more about how these superheroes fought beyond every possible sacrifice.

-Harsh Singh

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